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In this economy, we hear many stories of people who have sent out their resumes hundreds of times only to be answered with silence. We can help!

The key to getting responses to your resume is giving your potential employers a reason to read it, not skim it.

Key factors can increase the chance that hiring managers will spend additional time reviewing your resume:

  • Key words: Hiring managers often look for very specific skills or experience. It pays to know what words to use.
  • Visual professionalism: You dress up for an interview, so it's only fitting your resume should be dressed up too.
  • Uniqueness: If your resume stands out from the crowd, it will be assumed to come from an impressive applicant.
  • Highlighting: Highlighting makes the task of reviewing your resume that much easier—creating a good first impression of your employability.

Our resumes use these guiding qualities to empower you in your job search and give you the best chance of success. And resumes aren't all we do—we also create and edit cover letters, craft personal statements, and offer many other types of writing services. Below are several examples of our resume styles, personal statements, and cover letters to give you a taste of what we have to offer.

When you order with us, you'll receive a confirmation email and then another short email when your order is placed with a writer. We guarantee both the delivery time and date selected and any specifications you've set on the order form.

Positive Outcomes Enhanced Resume Style Sample

One of our many eye-catching possibilities of resume styling. The Positive Outcomes resume highlights employment successes by default but can be reformated to suit any need. Like all of our resumes, it is available in any assortment of color choices or in shades of gray.

S-Curve Enhanced Resume Style Sample

The S-Curve resume style presents standard resume information in an interesting design and using unique common language headers. The S-Curve also uses its layout to ask the powerful question "Why Pick Me?" — right before the eye is guided to your name, calling the reader to action.

Speech Boxes Enhanced Resume Style Sample

The Speech Boxes resume focuses on clean square shapes to organize its content and uses a eye-catching color to make your name stand out. More conservative versions are also available, that reduce the color or use grayscale.

Messy is Neat! Enhanced Resume Style Sample

One of the key elements of the Messy is Neat! design is the highlighting. In addition, "messy" handwriting elements can contain personal notes to the reader or can be omitted entirely if you'd prefer a more straitforward design. Like all of our resume styles, the Messy is Neat! is available in a variety of colors or shades of gray.

Biographical Enhanced Resume Style Sample

The Biographical resume style's central element is a picture of you with a short blurb beneath it describing important accomplishments. If you'd like this design for your resume, you can email your photo to us, attach it to the order form, or mail it in. If you aren't a fan of yellow, the Biographical can be provided on white or any other color you'd like.

Standard Resume Sample

This is an example of one of our standard resumes. We have several professional looks even for non-enhanced resumes. As you can see, the layout of this style is highly organized and the line breaks make it easy to read.

The Qualities of an Effective Leader

Before and after Elephant Writers revised a personal statement for a job application.

After Our Revision

Describe the qualities of an effective leader you have known. Share at least two examples of ways in which you demonstrated similar qualities in your work, community involvement, education, extracurricular activities, etc.

Leadership is a trait that extends beyond delegation and transcends authoritarianism. As I see it, leadership is being a role model and influencing people through examples. The transformative power of a good example surpasses that of any dictatorship. In this tradition, I feel Gandhi was a great leader and an example of those qualities I seek to impart to others. He was a true believer in non-violence and had many efficacious ideologies that contrasted with the distant utilitarian calculations of the British rulers of India and in accord with this philosophy, he was able to free India from British rule using non-violent weapons, such as his mind. He, to me, is as an epitome of a true leader. People were ready to follow the path shown by Gandhi as they trusted in his leadership, not out of blindness, but out of the quality of the example provided and the eternal wisdom he manifested. This according to me is true leadership, letting people see what can be accomplished with thought and focus. True leadership doesn’t require heavy-handed authoritarianism but instead requires promoting an example for the people. This was strongly demonstrated by Gandhi’s leadership.

Teaching Position Cover Letter

Before and after we revised a cover letter for a teaching position.

Revised Copy:

To Whom It May Concern:

Enclosed is my resume with a list of references as well as a transcript for the position of Assistant Director of Diversity Initiatives. This position aligns with my primary objective in the field of education, which is to proactively enable students to grow academically, socially, and emotionally in an atmosphere that is stimulating and adaptive to their diverse needs. There are many ways that I would enrich the students of Nobles through my background and experience while serving as an excellent example of the ideals held by your institution.

Articles & Blogs

Need search-engine optimized content to drive a loyal readership to your magazine, blog or website? Let us craft your next headline-grabbing feature.

Press Releases

A well-worded press release can generate visability for your efforts, and not only do we write them but we offer distribution services to get that message to the world.


Whether you're in business, academia or an individual seeking skilled analysis and exposition, our experienced researchers are certain to please.

Resumes & Cover Letters

First impressions are important and we can help you get your foot in the door with a tailored resume, cover letter or personal statement.

Books & Ghostwriting

Have a great idea for a book, but need some help to turn your idea into the next bestseller? Our professional writers can realize your vision.

Business Plans

A business plan is a map to your business's future — and we are adept financial cartographers, charting a sound course of the road ahead.

Marketing Plans

A marketing plan, part of a full business plan, forms a strategic foundation for business action that can achieve success for a product or service.

Industry Analysis

Industry analysis is a detailed review of the state of a particular industry and can be of great use to members of that occupation as well as entrants into the industry.


Our professional PowerPoint and Keynote presentations will impress your viewers and elegantly express the messages that you seek to convey.


A newsletter can be a great way to publicize or promote stories of interest and news about your organization. We make our newsletters visually compelling and fun to read.

Technical Writing

Technical writers explain technology in terms that a non-technical audience can understand. We can write manuals, documentation, user guides, tutorials, white papers and more.

Grant Writing

We have experienced grant writers! Whether it's $1500 or $150,000, our targeted proposals will aid you to secure the funding your business or non-profit needs to flourish.

Legal Writing

While we're not a law firm, with two lawyers on staff, we may just be the next best thing — and our rates are dramatically lower than what you'd typically be charged by a lawyer or paralegal.

Creative Writing

Want a poem for a special occasion? Want a screenplay to pitch to Hollywood? From short stories to full novels, our writers have done it all — and many are published authors themselves.

Proofreading & Editing

Our proofreaders examine what you've written to make sure it looks and sounds right, and our editors get more in-depth with rewrites and content improvements.